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FF x Speedinvest: Everything About Founder & Investor Relationships



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Transparent, reliable and on eye level - what makes a great founder / investor relationship and how do I get there? No matter if it is your first pitch, in term sheet negotiations or about follow-up investments, the relationship to your (potential) investors is crucial as a founder and can make or break your business. That's what our upcoming online session together with Speedinvest is all about!

Lara, the founder of Hier Foods, is happy to share her fundraising story with you and unpack the secrets of a great founder / investor relationship with Frederik, partner at Speedinvest. Afterwards, the two of them and Deepali, also partner at Speedinvest, are excited to chat with all of you in an interactive Q&A. This session is perfect for all early-stage female founders who are keen on learning how to approach potential investors from an entrepreneur & VC perspective and manage the art of relationship building.

You'll get the chance to ask Deepali, Lara and Frederik all of your burning questions related to building sustainable long term relationships with your (potential) investors. We’re looking forward to an interactive, energetic session! Want to join? Please apply above.


Deepali Nangia
Deepali joined Speedinvest as Partner in January 2022 with a focus on finding, funding, and supporting investment in underrepresented founders. Before joining Speedinvest, Deepali co-founded Alma Angels, a community set up to increase the number of female angel investors in Europe who fund female-founded companies. She has invested in and mentored multiple female-founded companies. In 2021 alone Deepali won UKBAA’s Angel Investor of the Year award.

Lara Hämmerle
Lara is co-founder and CEO of Berlin foodtech startup Hier Foods. The second-time founder successfully raised >€15M from renowned investors in Europe and the US and was selected Forbes 30-under-30 in 2021. 

Frederik Hagenauer
Frederik is a former founder and venture builder with a profound interest in technology. At Speedinvest he is a Partner on the SaaS team where he aims to support the world’s most ambitious founders early on in their journey of creating world-changing companies. Aside from his work, he is interested in the societal impact of technology. In 2017, Frederik helped launch Juan Mata’s football-based charity, Common Goal, in an effort to generate funds to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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