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FF x Coinpanion: Everything About Crypto Investing in Uncertain Times



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Alex, Co-founder & CEO of Coinpanion, and Tamara, Head of Legal at Coinpanion, will guide you through an interactive knowledge session dedicated to everything you need to know about the current developments in the crypto space. They'll give you insights in the startup's founding story and the impact of present trends. After an intro in Do's & Don'ts of crypto investing in an uncertain market they will take their time to answer all your burning questions in a super relaxed atmosphere.

As there is still a gender gap when it comes to financial literacy, Coinpanion and Female Founders are on a mission to close this gender difference, which is why this session is for a female target audience only. We want to create a safe space to ask questions and get connected with each other and industry experts - so this Everything About event is perfect for all women, who are keen to learn more about investing and working in the crypto space.

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Alexander Valtingojer
Alex is CEO of the crypto fintech Coinpanion. He was already intensively involved with cryptocurrencies during his school days, which led him to actively work on various projects in this scene. For about four years, Alexander has been intensively involved with the financial markets and, due to his skills, was also a trader on the previous version of Coinpanion. Coinpanion has now grown into a company with 30+ employees and aims to help everyone get started in the crypto market with smart portfolios.

Tamara Rubey
After her law studies, Tamara worked at the university for a few years. She then started working as a lawyer at PSA, where she became the head of the legal department after 2 years. In 2022 she joined Coinpanion as Head of Legal.


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