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Expert DOJO Fall 2023 Cohort Demo Day!

Hosted by Isabelle Cloud
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We are thrilled to extend an invitation to our upcoming Virtual Demo Day, where we are eager to showcase our most recent investments and the promising startups that have joined our portfolio. This event presents a unique opportunity for you to gain firsthand insights into the innovative ventures that we have carefully selected for investment.

Our commitment to identifying and backing exceptional startups is driven by a belief in their potential to revolutionize markets and reshape industries. Joining our Demo Day allows you to witness the transformative power of the investments we've made and how these startups are poised for growth and market influence


  • Founder(s): Ioanna Mantouridou Onasi, Sean Vazquez

  • Description: Chief Learning Officers use Dextego to develop high performance cultures via personalized soft skills training, to cut attrition of top talent by 50%.

  • HQ Location: New York City

  • Sector: AI/ML, Future of Work, B2B SaaS

  • Current Fundraise: $1M, at $5.5M pre-money, pre-seed


  • Founder(s): Fabrice Amalaman

  • Description: PayQin is a cross-border payment app for SMEs in Africa.

  • HQ Location: Delaware, USA

  • Sector: Fintech

  • Current Fundraise: Up to $2.5M - Seed round


  • Founder(s): Shayra Antia, Jason Melo

  • Description: An Enterprise Service Bus that governs and secures web3 applications, smart contracts, and customizable digital assets managed by non-technical users.

  • HQ Location: Tampa, FL

  • Sector: Blockchain

  • Current Fundraise: Raising $1M on a $10 million valuation cap (SAFE)


  • Founder(s): Rodrigo Ortega, Juanita Castañeda, Rodrigo Querzola

  • Description: B2B software for seamless management of the full equipment lifecycle for global teams.

  • HQ Location: Mexico

  • Sector: Logistics & Future of Work

  • Current Fundraise: We're looking for $1MM in our Seed Round, with a $6M valuation CAP.


  • Founder(s): Alain Merville

  • Description: Online music learning company combining world class celebrity instructors & gamified AI performance feedback.

  • HQ Location: Greater NYC

  • Sector: EdTech

  • Current Fundraise: $2M - Seed


  • Founder(s): Adeola Adedewe (Founder/CEO)

  • Description: Kredete is an AI-Powered financial assistant and marketplace that simplifies credit access and digital banking for all Africans.

  • HQ Location: New York, NY

  • Sector: B2B, SAAS, FinTech, AI/ML, Embedded Finance & Consumer Finance

  • Current Fundraise: $2,5M


  • Founder(s): Leah Braddell

  • Description: DataBiologics is solving a major problem with lack of transparency on outcomes, safety, and cost-effectiveness for cash-pay medicine with a simple software platform used by doctors and patients to collect nuanced information and deliver insights not available in any healthcare data systems today.

  • HQ Location: Gilbert, AZ

  • Sector: HealthTech, Regenerative Medicine, Digital Health

  • Current Fundraise: $2M Seed

  • Founder(s): Biringer, Matt (LinkedIn)

  • Description: Automate half your AWS costs away in 3 clicks.

  • HQ Location: New York

  • Sector: SaaS

  • Current Fundraise: Raising a $2M seed round. (closed $300k in pre-seed September 2023)

Happiest Ours

  • Founder(s): Ryan H. Morrissey (LinkedIn)

  • Description: Happiest Ours operates in the beverage services sector, aiming to provide joyful experiences to its customers.

  • HQ Location: Los Angeles

  • Sector: Beverage Services

  • Current Fundraise: Raising a $1M seed round.


  • Founder(s): Marco Mereu (LinkedIn)

  • Description: Building a Web3 connected world for gaming and esports entertainment, with Tennis player Daniil Medvedev on board.

  • HQ Location: Boston

  • Sector: Esports, Gaming, Blockchain

  • Current Fundraise: Raising $3M in seed funding, with $1.4M already closed.