Cover Image for DevOps for GenAI Hackathon NYC
Cover Image for DevOps for GenAI Hackathon NYC

DevOps for GenAI Hackathon NYC

Hosted by Karissa Fuller & Rita Henderson
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New York, New York
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About Event

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is exciting but fraught with challenges. Let's work together to understand what is needed to bring GenAI into our orgs and make the most out of this once in a generation opportunity.

The goal of this DevOps for GenAI 'Hackathon' is for DevOps and Platform Engineering professionals to learn what problems their peers are facing when trying to use and deploy Generative AI solutions, and to collaborate together to come up with ideas, best practices and even open source solutions that they can use in their own environment. Examples of problems include keeping training data and models secure, enabling data and model deployment within the constraints of corporate data governance, preventing or reducing the effects of hallucinations, and developing new tools and techniques to face these new challenges. 

The event will begin with John Willis and Patrick Debois, co-authors of The DevOps Handbook, then Igor Alekseev of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other participants sharing their GenAI-related challenges with the group, followed by proposals by participants for specific solutions (ideas, best practices or technical solutions) that can be worked on at the event, and ending in presentations of solutions by participants. 

If you work for a company that wants to move fast but carefully so as NOT to break things, then this is the event for you. We hope to see you on January 24th in NYC.

Spots are limited, and you must be both registered and approved to attend. Apply now!

​Benefits - The goal is learning through collaboration. Everyone will share in the benefits of the collaboration.

9:30 am - Registration & Networking
10:00 am - Welcome & Introductions
10:20 am - Lightning Talks - GenAI-related challenges
- John Willis & Patrick Debois, co-authors of The DevOps Handbook
- Igor Alekseev of AWS - "MongoDB Atlas on AWS"
11:00 am - Solution Proposals - Ideas, best practices & projects
11:30 am - Form Teams
12:00 pm - Teams begin working
12:30 pm - Lunch is served
4:00 pm - Submission Deadline
4:30 pm - Present Solutions
5:30 pm - Happy Hour

Hosts: This hackathon is hosted by MongoDB and AWS

Sponsors: Special thanks to our participating partners for their help in this first-of-its-kind event.
- LangChain
- Fireworks
- Gradient
- Superblocks
- SuperDuperDB

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New York, New York