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DeSciNYC Talk and Meetup with ResearchHub Co-Founder

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New York, New York
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(optional) 6-8p: web3 demos with the BBS NYC Conference
8-9p: DeSci NYC Minge and Pizza
9:00-9:30: Patrick, co-founder of ResearchHub
9:30-10p: SciDoge Awards

The next DeSci NYC meetup is on May 31st🔥🔥

We're excited to have ResearchHub as our guest speaker, co-founded by Brian Armstrong (Coinbase founder) and Patrick Joyce.

Plus, we'll present the first ever Nobel prize for DeSci - the SciDoge prize.  It recognizes outstanding projects in DeSci.

All are welcome. Invite a friend. Send the link out to groups or people that might be interested!

Please note, if you are an investor interested in attending this event, there is a $50 fee (venmo michael-fischer-22) to help support the organization and continuation of these meetups. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the growth and success of the DeSci NYC community.

PS: Apply to be a member of the DeSci NYC group chat: