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De-Day: This Is It. We Think.

Hosted by DeNites
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Alright Web3 diehards, you're in for a treat. Or not. De-Day’s coming, and no, it's not some grim war scene, but the grand curtain call for Denites. The digital graveyard awaits, but we're not going gently into that good night.

Back in 2021, we made our way into the quiet web3 scene in Portugal. Now, it’s buzzing with vibrant community events and initiatives. Mission accomplished.

So, we're planning our own wake. On June 21st, 6 PM Lisbon time, join us for a Zoom gathering - part retrospective, part public therapy session, live-streamed on YouTube. You get to play the part of the mourner or the gravedigger - share your take on Denites, its past, and its potentially nonexistent future.

And while we're expecting a requiem, if anyone fancies resuscitating this project, we're all ears. The leadership torch is up for grabs.

Prepare for De-Day. It’s a celebration, sort of. Don't miss it. Or do. Your call.