Mastering the Menstrual Cycle: a Truly Comprehensive Lab Assessment of Female Reproductive Hormones



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An accurate understanding of the menstrual cycle is a critical foundation for helping your female clients.  Whether your patient is dealing with irregularity, abnormal bleeding, PCOS, infertility, or other hormonal disorders, a clear view of hormonal patterns through the menstrual cycle is the first step in developing a successful treatment plan.  In this presentation, Dr. Smeaton, a top women’s health and fertility expert, will review how she uses conventional and functional lab testing to evaluate female reproductive hormones throughout the cycle.  Attendees will:

·  Review the “normal” hormonal cycle and understand how various hormones will shift throughout the cycle

·  Obtain an understanding of how and when to measure the various female reproductive hormones

·  Understand the pros and cons of serum, urine, and salivary assessment of hormones

·  Leave with a clear clinical approach to evaluate menstrual hormones in cycling and postmenopausal females

·  Learn what tests Dr. Smeaton prefers to use in her own practice and how she interprets them to extract the most clinical value for her patients

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