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I’ve Driven DEI Efforts at Storied Biopharma and Financial Services Companies and Across Multiple Industries. Ask Me Anything.

Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in an industry dedicated to improving human health makes logical sense and is good for business. However, driving meaningful change can be challenging, particularly in the current politically charged and divisive environment. DEI strategist Perika Sampson, former Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Gilead Sciences, will answer your questions about integrating DEI principles into corporate culture and communication strategies. Perika has worked with major organizations in financial services and biopharma to address critical issues such as health equity, talent acquisition, professional development, and community engagement. As we wrap up Pride and Juneteenth celebrations, let's end this special month with practical tips and insights that can guide communicators in taking meaningful actions to create impact throughout the year.


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Perika Sampson is a DEI executive, thought leader, advocate and strategist, known for her leadership and commitment to fostering inclusive cultures. Her role as the Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Gilead involved collaborating across the organization to implement impactful DEI strategies and programs to address critical issues such as health equity, community engagement, and talent acquisition, demonstrating her integrated approach to DEI leadership. Prior to Gilead, Perika was the Senior Regional Diversity Officer at Morgan Stanley, where she drove D&I efforts in Wealth Management. She was instrumental in launching programs like the Wealth Management Return to Work initiative and diversity recruiting for Branch Analysts. Previously, she served as VP of Marketing and Strategy at Bank One (now JP Morgan) and held marketing and relationship management roles at Charles Schwab and tech startups.

Perika has returned to her roots at the firm she founded earlier in her career. At Dearborn Consulting Partners, she has provided bespoke DEI solutions to various industries. Perika is building on those efforts with organizations from financial services to hospitality, technology to transportation, and of course, life sciences to implement measurable, clearly defined DEI action plans.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Perika is deeply involved in community organizations. She serves on the boards of the American Heart Association and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Chorus, and leads DEI efforts for the Oakland Symphony and the Black Wealth Summit.

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