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For 10+ years of adult life I struggled with self confidence due to my weight, feeling insecure prevented me from seizing many opportunities in life through this lack of self esteem. I tired many forms of exercise including running, boxing, Cross-fit, and weights training. However, none of them worked for me, it was so frustrating that I kept giving up. But then I found yoga and everything fell into place, it became so effortless. As quickly as 30 days I saw unbelievable results, and later I found out that yoga reduces stress. Whereas, every other type of exercise effectively increases the stress hormone cortisol making it really hard to lose weight and get a defined stomach. So, all those years of trying hard meant the stress was counteracting the actual result I had been chasing, does this sound familiar? Most importantly, in as little as 30 days you can drop 1-2 inches off your waistline and go onto achieve visible abs using the exact same approach I did for myself and a number of happy clients.

If you are interested in Yoga for core strength, stress relief, back pain, weight loss and muscle soreness, please join me for 1 month of private yoga lessons.

During these 4 sessions we will always practice first, then get to know your current struggles and set weekly manageable goals. I'll show you my easy 3-step process to nail down your nutrition, sleep time and reveal how much exercise you actually need to do to achieve long term results (it isn't ever as much as you think)

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