Cover Image for Conservation Club - December 12 SF Hangout
Cover Image for Conservation Club - December 12 SF Hangout
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Conservation Club - December 12 SF Hangout

Hosted by Megan Bentley
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Join our December hangout in SF! Instead of a book club or a tennis group, why not join or create a Conservation Club?

As an early insider, join our hangout and budding community to learn more about this new movement and platform launching in 2024. Our format is casual, structured, and connection-building as you learn more about what's going on in the world of Conservation.


  • 5:00 Meet and Greet

  • 5:15 Conservation Club Overview

  • 5:30 Group Share: Conservation News Updates*

  • 5:45 An Update from the Field

  • 6:00 Networking

  • 6:30 Close

*Bring a link to recent conservation news or content you saw that made you either surprised or concerned to share at the Club**

Perfect for:

  • Anyone who feels the pull to do a little bit more for the Earth in a low effort, high-impact way. Great for busy professionals, parents, or anyone else who has very little time to devote to climate

  • Anyone who loves plants and animals

  • ESG, HR, ERG, and ClimateTech leaders trying to foster greater everyday environmentalism in your Company's structure - Bring your teams!

  • Folks who are not in ClimateTech (Any History majors out there?) and want to get involved in climate in language we can all understand

  • Anyone seeking deeper connection and a sense of belonging, instead of facing yet another revolving door of individuals at generic meet ups or happy hours (and never see again). Singles especially love us.


Thank you to our sponsor Werqwise for allowing us the space to meet. If you're interested in joining their co-working spaces in SF or San Mateo, we can help.

Email megan [at] if you have any accommodation needs.

Learn more about us at

149 New Montgomery St 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Note: This is the San Francisco location. Come to the 4th Floor when you arrive. If you need accessibility accommodations, please email
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