Cover Image for Computer Visionaries: Show, Don’t Tell
Cover Image for Computer Visionaries: Show, Don’t Tell

Computer Visionaries: Show, Don’t Tell

Hosted by Jugal Patel & 3 others
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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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About Event

Calling all computer vision architects, tinkerers, and trailblazers!


Ready to unleash the power of your creations and share your hard-won insights? We're hosting a unique showcase event designed to celebrate the real-world applications of cutting-edge computer vision. Forget pitch decks and polished presentations – this is all about live demos and raw, unfiltered learning.

Burrito bowls (veggie too!) and drinks provided by Leap Labs. Shout out MindsDB for allowing us to host this event in your incredible AI collective!

We have selected 5 builders to share their work giving them 3-5 minutes each. If you want to share something we may be able to add one more, Submit your project here!


Doors Open @ 6 PM
6:00-6:45: Burrito Bowl Social
Talks Begin @ 6:45
6:45-6:50: Jugal Patel Leap Labs ML Interpretability
6:50- 7:00: Margarita Goleta SOTA GAN Inversion & Editing
7:00-7:10: Arjit Biswas Real time CCTV footage indexing
7:10-7:20: Markus Zhang Vision Pro AI Tutor App
Break @ 7:20
7:35-7:45: Dan Grover StandardBots A robot that learns, adapts, and evolves
7:45-7:55: Balint Pasztor DiffuseDrive Synthetic data platform for CV development
7:55-8:05: Samarth Sinha Luma AI Embeddable and universally shareable 3D world

What we’re looking for:

  • Focus on the built, not the planned: We want to see your applications in action, not just hear about their potential. Demo your robots navigating complex environments, your model’s object recognition in challenging domains, or your healthcare AI analysing medical images.

  • Multi-modal magic: While CV is at the heart of it all, we’re also excited to see projects that integrate vision with other modalities like robotics, sensors, or natural language processing. Show us the synergy that emerges when different technologies work together.

  • Share the journey, not just the destination: We're not just interested in the final product. Tell us about the challenges you faced, the lessons you learned, and the unexpected twists and turns that shaped your development process. This is about building a community of shared knowledge and inspiring fellow builders.

Who should join?

  • Developers, engineers, and/or researchers showcasing their real-world computer vision projects and products

  • Anyone passionate about the intersection of computer vision and real-world impact

Don't miss this chance to:

  • Get your project in front of a targeted audience of builders, users, and collaborators

  • Learn from and inspire other builders in the CV community

  • Be part of a unique event that celebrates the power of building with computer vision

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San Francisco, California