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Raising Venture Capital From Your Community

Hosted by Propel: the community for early-stage and aspiring founders & Halle Kaplan-Allen
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Join Propel, Sydecar, Foodboro, and No Code Founders as we host a collaborative event to help founders save time and money during future fundraising events.

Founders wants to avoid:

  • Sending out dozens of SAFEs

  • Sending wire instructions via email

  • Hunting down investors who are slow to respond

Sydecar gives founders the backend infrastructure to create "Special Purpose Vehicle" (SPV) to compile small checks instead of coordinating individually with every angel investor. Plus, it keeps your cap table clean!

Leading the discussion will be Nik Talreja, Founder & CEO of Sydecar, and Robert Petrarca, Founder & CEO of Maxine's Heavenly. They will share the ins and outs of using an SPV to compile small checks from family and friends, invite your customers on to your cap table, or bring in strategic capital between fundraising events.