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Community Twitter Space

Hosted by Orbit & 3 others
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Join Rosie Sherry and Erin Mikail Staples for a weekly community Twitter Space.

We’ll be holding conversations about the latest community trends, what we’re excited for, and fundamental skills about community building. Drop in, join us for a casual conversation + bring your questions — we'll open it up for questions the last 15 minutes!

Upcoming Topics:

July 28, 2021 Adam Wiseman on DAO's

Are Decentralized Autonomic Organizations (DAO's) the future of community building? What is a DAO? Who holds folks in DAO's accountable? What should we be aware of as we approach the next community frontier? Is this more hype than substance?

Community wouldn’t be community without you and your ideas! 🧠✨

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Have something you’re itching to talk about with the brightest minds in the galaxy? Curious about something in particular in the community space? Have someone you’re dying to speak with?

DM Erin and she’ll make some magic happen! 🪄