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You Are Enough, Love: Interrogating Your Narrative(s) with Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez

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Join us as we welcome Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez (she/her) for You Are Enough, Love: Interrogating Your Narrative(s) on Thursday, April 15th from 7:00 to 9:00PM EST over Zoom!

Please note: This workshop will not be recorded.

Recognizing ourselves as worthy of good things, including pleasure, orgasms, and healthy loving relationships, can be a challenge for anyone. For those on the margins, it becomes that much more important to find supportive and loving communities that don’t reinforce ideas about not being _____ (queer, trans, Latine/x, thin, etc.) enough. Unfortunately, whether due to direct exclusion by those around us, messaging from media representations that don't feel like they include our experiences, or structural issues of oppression, the negative can overpower us.

"You Are Enough, Love: Interrogating Your Narrative" is a workshop that invites participants to challenge one of the stories holding them back from feeling connected with a community and/or connected with their bodies and sexual satisfaction through journaling, naming, storytelling, and reframing. Everyone will receive access to a PDF version of the prompts so they may practice naming and challenging more narratives on their own.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify harmful narratives that keep people from living their best life (my pleasure doesn't matter as much, I take too long, I don't count as queer, etc.)

  • Name disruptors of those narratives.

  • Rewrite narratives in an affirming and self-serving statement.


About Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez

Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez (she/her) is a sex educator, sex coach, researcher, author, speaker, curriculum developer, and workshop facilitator. As a queer, polyamorous, white-presenting Nuyorican Jew, Yael has always been interested in understanding the multi-level experiences of individuals. This led her to found Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC, a company dedicated to supporting and creating spaces for individuals to explore and find community in their identities. Through her company, she facilitates workshops, develops curriculum, offers Identity Exploration Coaching, and publishes narratives often left out of mainstream publishing.

Yael has been engaged in workshop development and facilitation since 2005 with children, youth, and adults. Before establishing her own company, she spent 6 years with the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding, where she developed and led programs with an intersectional lens.

In 2018 Yael published An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips, a queer and trans inclusive book, and has since established herself as YaeltheSexGeek and begun offering Sex Coaching services. She is also an author for the Pure Romance Buzz Blog and is currently pursuing a PhD in Health Behavior at IU Bloomington while conducting research with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.



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