When It Don't Work So Good: Practical Pelvic Dysfunction Strategies for More Pleasure and Less Pain with Colleen Kimseylove



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Join us as we welcome Colleen Kimseylove (they/them) for When It Don't Work So Good: Practical Pelvic Dysfunction Strategies for More Pleasure and Less Pain on Tuesday, May 11th from 8:00 to 10:00PM EST over Zoom! This workshop is a part of The CSPH's Sex Education for Professionals track. The content of this workshop is best suited for sexuality professionals and professionals in allied fields.

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Difficulty articulating experiences of pelvic pain and dysfunction, let alone figuring out what to do about it, is a common experience for people with vaginas, and can happen for people of all anatomies. In this workshop, Colleen Kimseylove breaks down the musculoskeletal anatomy of the pelvis to help participants understand why they may be experiencing pelvic dysfunction and anhedonia, and then provides evidence based strategies from a variety of fields to assist in restoring function and pleasure.

Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a working knowledge of the pelvic bowl anatomy, and receive an overview of: musculoskeletal anatomy in the pelvis; similarities and differences between pelvis with penises; vaginas or other anatomy; theories of origins for pelvic dysfunction; and pelvic dysfunction myths

  • Be able to interpret the current literature on improving pelvic function for the lay person with a concentration on anti-ableist practical strategies


About Colleen Kimseylove

Colleen Kimseylove (they/them) is a published public health researcher with ten years of professional experience working in LGBT and transgender health. They specialize in interpreting the available best science on sexual health in easy to understand and apply language.



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