Sex Ed for Parents: How to create a sex-positive family culture

Jan 23 (Sat), 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Join us as we welcome Ashley Robertson for Sex Ed for Parents: How to create a sex-positive family culture on Friday, January 22nd from 9:00 to 11:00PM EST over Zoom! This workshop is a part of our January Parent/Caregiver Mini-Series. You can view the other workshops in this series here.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be recorded and will be made available for a limited time to everyone who registers.

People would judge you if you said, "I never give my kid vegetables.", but the opposite is true about American parenting and sex ed. Most outsource this to the schools who typically utilize curriculums focused on binary sexuality and abstinence despite research finding this non-effective. Sex ed should be as commonplace in the family as vegetables are on the plates. Join Ashley as we discover ways to make a sex-positive culture an intentional part of your family.

Through this workshop, participants will:

  • feel empowered to be their child's best teacher for topics surrounding sexuality;

  • know how to process their own opinions/feelings/past when their child's questions pop up;

  • have strategies to understand how to process and answer their child's questions in a way that is age appropriate; and

  • become familiar with resources to help them explain topics including sexual identity, consent, forms of sex, etc.


About Ashley Robertson

With three teaching degrees, Ashley is an educator who is fed up with the idea that learning comes from a teacher. Instead, she crafts workshops and activities that invite introspection and curiosity while accommodating for all learners. She’s at her happiest when demonstrating consent with youngsters, guiding youth into comfort surrounding condoms, and answering questions about sexuality honestly. And what about her sexuality? Ashley identifies as a feminine, bi-curious, ethically polyamourous, sexual submissive. With over a decade of experience in the BDSM scene, she isn’t shy of perverse topics. She is a liberated, ethical slut who wishes to share with others the freedom of sexuality without shame.

Ashley operates a Facebook group, Let's Talk about Sex Ed with Ms. Ashley. You can join in on the conversation here.



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