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Reclaiming Your Sexuality After Infertility with Katy DeJong

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Join us as we welcome Katy DeJong (she/her) for Reclaiming Your Sexuality After Infertility on Wednesday, May 12th from 7:00 to 9:00PM EST over Zoom! This workshop is a part of our Spring Parent/Caregiver Mini-Series.

This workshop will be recorded and will be made available for a limited time to everyone who registers.

Both sexuality and infertility tend to exist in the shadows. As a result, the inner sexual experiences of people living through infertility, go largely unexplored. This makes the navigation of the sexual challenges that can accompany infertility, exceptionally difficult. 1 in 8 people have trouble conceiving and many experience disruptions in their sexual connections during this period. This workshop will explore the two most common sexual experiences during infertility-Low levels of desire and the negative impact that timed intercourse has on intimacy and spontaneity. Participants will be guided through an exploration of pleasure and "sexual snacking" as a way to cultivate a non-intimidating, expectation-free space to reinvent their sexual connections with themselves and their partners.

Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about their arousal/desire response and how to work with pleasure as a means of cultivating more desire.

  • Learn about "sexual snacking" and how to engage, intimately and sexually, with their partners, without the expectation of "baby-making-sex".


About Katy DeJong

Katy DeJong (she/her) is also known as “The Pleasure Anarchist” online. Her work and perspective is heavily influenced by her educational background in feminist philosophy, human sexuality, and her personal experience of infertility. She's endlessly curious about desire and pleasure and how the emotional and physical trauma that often accompanies infertility, impacts the way we experience our bodies and our sexuality. The philosophical impulse to make sense of the world and question things that often go unexplored, helps her to facilitate the deep introspection necessary for sexual healing and body liberation. She believes that knowing how to ask the right questions is critical to understanding ourselves and others.

Formally speaking, Katy has a degree in Feminist Philosophy with a concentration in human sexuality. This is all just fancy way of saying that she's thought about sex and bodies... a lot.



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