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Period Sex Salon + Zine Launch!

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About Event

Join The CSPH and Pleasure Pie on May 28th at 7:30pm EST as we celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day with an evening of lightning round talks and workshops on all things periods and sex, alternating with fun rounds of sex trivia (and, of course, chances to win prizes)! 

This virtual event will also serve as the launch party for Pleasure Pie’s latest sex-positive zine about period sex! All registered attendees will receive a copy of the zine AND period sex coloring pages — all folx who register before May 21st should receive their copy in time for the event.

Many thanks to Lunette for being our co-sponsor for this great event. Check out Lunette's products including menstrual cups, cleaners and resources to make your period better!⁠

To Register:

​Tickets are available on a sliding scale ($3-$30) to ensure folx of varying economic backgrounds are able to access the event and sex education they deserve.

​We ask those who have the financial means to help "spread the wealth" by contributing to the community pool so that we can offer a limited number of sponsored free tickets to those who need it.

We kindly ask that those who have the financial means to purchase a ticket do so, and save our sponsored free tickets to those who do not.

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​​To access this event for free, please enter the code CSPH-FREE when registering.

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