If I Could Give You This: Creating the Goals and Values we Envision for our Children with Kara Haug



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Join us as we welcome Kara Haug (she/her) for If I Could Give You This: Creating the Goals and Values we Envision for our Children on Wednesday, March 24th from 7:00 to 9:00PM EST over Zoom! This workshop is a part of our Spring Parent/Caregiver Mini-Series.

This workshop will be recorded and will be made available for a limited time to everyone who registers.

Often we don’t have the words or time we desire to think about what we really want for our children in terms of their sexuality or relationships. This workshop gives parents the space to examine their own relationship with sexuality and what they want to pass on to their children. This time will help change any negative experience they might have had to create a positive one for their children. Upon completion parents will walk away with an action plan specific for their family on how they want to have important and positive conversations.

Through this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Create a goal statement of what they want for their children in terms of relationships and intimacy to help them have the conversations that are necessary to promote sex positivity;

  • Explore their own feelings around sexuality through a series of questions and reflection of their past;

  • Create their own definition of sex; and

  • Create an action plan specific to them and their family on how they want to implement different and specific conversations around sexuality and relationships as well as brainstorming different ways to increase times of connection and intimacy with their child.


About Kara Haug

Kara Haug (she/her) is a Sexuality Health Educator and Co-Founder of Reframing our Stories LLC. Kara helps families, schools, and churches change their narrative around how we have conversations about sex. It's important for Kara to help normalize conversations and eliminate shame so that we all can have the healthy and loving relationships we desire and deserve.



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