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Bringing Sexy Back into the Birthing Process

Jan 27 (Wed), 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM UTC


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Event Information

Join us as we welcome Caitlin Bain for Bringing Sexy Back into the Birthing Process on Tuesday, January 26nd from 8:00 to 10:00PM EST over Zoom! This workshop is a part of our January Parent/Caregiver Mini-Series. You can view the other workshops in this series here.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be recorded and will be made available for a limited time to everyone who registers.

When we think about birth, we rarely view it as a sexual experience. This workshop explores the conditions under which birth can be a sexual and empowering experience for birthing persons and why this is important. Also, recognizing the disparities for people of color in the birthing process and how to learn more about birth justice.

Through this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • identify the link between "good sex" and "good birth experience;"
  • explain the barriers to a "good birth experience;" and
  • know how to get involved in improving education and access to an empowering birth experience.


About Caitlin Bain

Caitlin Bain has worked in the reproductive health care field in various capacities for many years, and has worked as a sexual health educator for just over a year. She is currently working toward her Master's in Clinical Mental health.



Tickets are available on a sliding scale ($3-$30) to ensure folx of varying economic backgrounds are able to access the sex education they deserve. We ask those who have the financial means to help "spread the wealth" by contributing to the community pool so that we can offer a limited number of sponsored free tickets to those who need it.

We kindly ask that those who have the financial means to purchase a ticket do so, and save our sponsored free tickets to those who do not.

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