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Thu, Jul 14
3:00 PM
Thu, Aug 4
3:00 PM
Thu, Sep 1
3:00 PM
Thu, Oct 6
3:00 PM
Thu, Nov 3
3:00 PM
Thu, Dec 1
4:00 PM

Event Information

Thank you for joining us for CS Leadership Office Hours. Our new series will be once per month in an effort to drive the quality of relationships and topics that we can cover.

This series is meant for leaders who are building and scaling customer success at B2B SaaS companies. Whether you have done this before or find yourself in a new position - we all have something to learn from each other.

We have two goals with every session:

  1. Did you meet someone new?

  2. Did you take away an actionable idea to implement?

That (and a few other metrics!) is how we judge success for our series.

Come join us, the door is open!


If you are new to GGR, welcome!

If you are returning, we can't wait to serve you again.

Gain Grow Retain exists to connect people, knowledge, and ideas to advance the state of customer success.

We accomplish this by:
--> Providing value with no strings attached
--> Thinking big and moving fast
--> Being authentic, transparent, and trustworthy
--> Being actively inclusive and open

Beyond our Office Hours series, we provide a variety of digital, virtual, and in-person experiences.

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Abigail Tibbott
Adar Cohen
Adil Dittmer