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CPG is a grind, but it's easier when we share the journey together.

The CPG House is a highly curated community of CPG founders and internal operators created by the team at Repeat.

In this House, you'll find a group of explorers and rebels working to change the world through innovative CPG products, missions, and stories.

If you're a human being in the CPG world, this house is for you. Come party.

What you get as a House Member:

  • Access to our Slack group (150+ hand-curated CPG founders and operators)

  • Access to a private CPG Retention inspiration board curated by experts

  • Weekly House Parties with CPG Experts + Community Members

  • House Socials (fun, low-pressure events meant for connecting!)

  • 100% free office hours with CPG/DTC expert and community manager Kristen LaFrance (plus featured guests!)

  • Weekly TikTok Profile audits

  • Unlimited priority invites to friends/team members in the CPG Space

  • Curated introductions to other members

  • Exclusive event recaps, recordings, and content from the Repeat team

  • Direct access to the Repeat team

  • CPG House merch and gifts

  • IRL parties

  • Free snacks 😋

  • Constant evolution

Note: This community is for CPG Operators and Founders only!

Join Alex McEachern, Leezen Amatya, Gillian George and 272 others