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Cover Image for Colorado Climate Meetup

Colorado Climate Meetup

Hosted by Colorado Climatetech, Leah Bowes & Kirti Manian
Past Event
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​​This in-person mixer is part of ​Climate Career Week (​​​

​Join Colorado Climatetech, CrowdSolve, and for an evening of community and connection. After you've taken advantage of the amazing virtual content from Climate Career Week, this is an opportunity to get some face time with other local Coloradans. There'll be a structured networking activity and representatives from various Colorado companies looking to grow (final list to be released later).

​We'll have some tables with signs, so come whenever you're free. Tabs for food or drink are individual and are not provided by the event.

β€‹β€‹πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» About "Climate Career Week"

​Join us for 5 days of free virtual events for anyone considering a career transition into climate.

​No matter your role, there’s a place in climate for you. Discover opportunity, get inspired, find your path, and take action in climate.

​Climate Career Week is organized by, Climate Draft, Work on Climate, Climate People, Green Job Board, and CrowdSolve.

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​To be released the week before the event

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β€‹β€‹πŸ”οΈ COCT's Social Meetup Series

​​Colorado Climatetech is focused on connecting Colorado professionals with climatetech companies. Our social meetup series creates a place for climate-minded Coloradans to get to know each other. Maybe you're job hunting and looking to make some new friends who understand the struggle. Maybe you're working in climatetech already and want to hang out with people who know how cool you are. Either way, the community in Colorado is growing. Come hang out and bring your friends!

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