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Calling All Quaker to Action

Hosted by Penington Friends House
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Recent and ongoing events in the United States that threaten our democracy and freedom have led Quakers to send out an urgent call to action.  This call has been publicly supported by the board of Penington Friends House, the New York Yearly Meeting and New York City Quarterly Meeting. Members from Penington Friends House, along with other concerned Quakers and fellow travelers, are meeting on August 6th, 2022 to:

  1. Clarify the concern.

  2. Share exiting Quaker resources and thought on the subject

  3. Brainstorm new actions and organizing

  4. Train participants on Deep Canvassing techniques that can help in dialoguing with others of differing opinions. 

The morning session will be on Clarity, Sharing, and Brainstorming and an afternoon session on Training in the Deep Canvasing / Storing Telling Technique that will be of benefit in many situations. Participants may attend both or either. 

This will be an in person meeting with blended zoom attenders. Lunch will be provided for a $15.00 or pay as you feel led donation. Please bring cash to pay for lunch.

If you are attending in person, you must be fully vaccinated for Covid and not currently sick. Due to rising Covid numbers, attendance in person is limited to 20 people and masks should be worn as much as possible.

If you are attending by zoom, a link will be sent out by email a few hours before the beginning of the event.