Cover Image for Chain Abstraction Standards Workshop - EthDenver 2024
Cover Image for Chain Abstraction Standards Workshop - EthDenver 2024

Chain Abstraction Standards Workshop - EthDenver 2024

Hosted by Frontier Research
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Denver, Colorado
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The Chain Abstraction Standards Problem

In order to successfully make the leap to a chain abstraction future, it is imperative we as an industry define and adopt a common standard for messaging between the layers of the CAKE. A great standard is the icing on the cake. 🎂

Workshop Format

This is a half-day technical workshop with lunch included.The day will be divided into three separate parts:

  1. Understanding technical complexities in each layer of the CAKE

    1. Permission layer

    2. Solver layer

    3. Settlement layer

  2. Discussing the boundaries of the standard and what it wants to achieve

    1. Target user flows

    2. Is this standard for value transfer or information transfer?

  3. Agreeing on implementation details of the standard

Goals of the Day

  1. Agree on what is the core problem the standard is trying to solve.

  2. Understanding on the trade-offs in the solution space.

  3. Initial understanding on the implementation details of the standard.


While there is limited space at the venue it is critical that we get a diverse set of attendees from across the space to have a sufficient distribution of inputs and feedback.

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Denver, Colorado