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​Are you already geared up for success in 2022? πŸ‘€ Change is inevitable, but success is an aligned decision backed up with inspired action! πŸ’ͺ

​In this session, Julio will take us on a journey from feedback to feedforward, from making decisions based on the past to taking actions based on the future we want to experience.

​As long as we are closing the gap between our desired future self and our current self, we are on the right path. Julio's intention in this session is to enable us to set the foundations to feedforward our way into the future.

​During this session, you will:

β€‹βœ¨ Embody a crystal clear vision you are madly in love with

​πŸ”₯Re-write some of the limiting beliefs that are preventing you to be, do and have what you want

β€‹πŸ† Understand the magic and the science behind a successful mindset

β€‹πŸš€ Practical strategies to feedforward you to your dream future

β€‹πŸ’› Build a powerful network to support you along the way

​About the host:

​Julio is an international multiple award-winning professional, mission-driven entrepreneur, and a lifetime learner. He uses his 8 years' experience within management, training, and research environments to enable personal, professional, and business growth. Julio is the founder of Sharing Knowledge International - SKI a company guided by the purpose of enabling powerful personal transformation to drive business career and life fulfillment. SKI offers Power Coaching with a focus on business, career, and life expansion for entrepreneurs and professionals. And for organizations, SKI offers knowledge consultancy with a focus on talent development, organization development, and knowledge sharing.

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