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Rebels and Rulers: How to use archetypes in your brand positioning

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What kind of a facilitator are you? 👀

What role do you play in your customer’s journey?

This session we’ll be looking at the amazing subject of Archetypes and how you can use them to position your personal brand (or your company brand) powerfully. 💪

After learning about what archetypes are and how you can use them, we’ll have a mini workshop where you can decide which archetype you are!

Hosted by Matt Davies, in this ButterMixer we will:

🧠 Learn what an archetype is and their history

💡 Discover the 12 main archetypes

🔥 Work out which one you might best lean into for your own personal brand positioning

About the host:

It’s taken Matt 20 years to get his beard to a stage he’s happy with. And about the same time to hone his skills in empathy, facilitation, comms & strategising.

Matt Davies is a branding and culture strategy expert who has helped countless businesses - from start-ups to big brands like Boots and Nestlé, create powerful strategies that inspire meaningful experiences for both customers and employees. Known for his high-energy style (and beard) he uses workshops to align teams around the ideas that matter to long term brand building.

His book, "Storyategy - Unlock the power of your brand with a story-based branding strategy," is a must-read for any business looking to build a powerful brand and his Podcast “Just Branding” that he co-hosts with Jacob Cass is one of the most popular out-there on building brands.

For the smoothest experience, do join using Google Chrome on a laptop or PC or download our desktop app. Since we're usually using MURAL or Miro in our workshops, we recommend joining in with your ad blockers turned off (temporarily) and not in incognito mode.