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Virtual Spa Session 🧖‍♀️

Hosted by Butter Community
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You've been working hard and deserve a break! 🙌

Slip into your stretchiest relaxed pants and join us for a virtual spa retreat. 🧖‍♀️

We'll melt away your stresses with soothing butter massages, soak your sore muscles in a warm butter bath, and slip into a blissful butter trance with guided butteration.

No need to watch your waistline here—it's time to butter indulge!🤩

🌱 These virtual spa treatments are designed to be relaxing, as I believe in a growth mindset and a supportive learning environment. Imagine being in the warmth of this virtual spa that will soothe your mental muscles and relax your body. We will work together to release tension and stress first, so you can feel restored and renewed afterward.

🌱 Don’t sit on your tough challenge alone; bring it and work on it out loud with peers.

Whether you're a stressed-out facilitator or burnt-out designer, this retreat is for you.

The door opens 1 minute before the session start and closes 3 minutes after the start—so make sure you're on time! 😁

About the host:

Sara Huang, MSc., is a certified coach in Power Intelligence and a facilitator specializing in curating bespoken transformative spaces. She uses soft power, relationship and community building to create brave spaces for creativity and expressiveness. To truly make the invisible seen and the unspoken heard, Sara believes we need to work together — embodied, aware, and trusting each other. Sara has a master's degree in Public Administration and lives in the Netherlands.

✨Here are some testimonials of people's feelings after attending a session designed and hosted by Sara.

For the smoothest experience, do join using Google Chrome on a laptop or PC or download our desktop app. Since we're usually using MURAL or Miro in our workshops, we recommend joining in with your ad blockers turned off (temporarily) and not in incognito mode.