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Bottoms up! A PLG Mixer

Hosted by Toplyne, Ruchin & Bhavya Narula
Past Event
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​A closed-door mixer for leaders and trailblazers of the PLG world. πŸš€

​Toplyne, along with GrowthX present: Bottoms up! A closed-door mixer for leaders and trailblazers spearheading product-led growth and bottom-up adoption of SaaS at Indian companies scaling the globe πŸš€

​An evening of food, drinks, and a meet and greet with Growth and Product leaders at leading product-led growth companies.

​If nerding out on product-led growth, virality, lower CACs, landing & expanding, and bottom-up adoption with beers in hand while going "bottoms up!" sounds appealing to you, come join us on Tuesday, the 9th of August at the Biere Club on Lavelle road.

​Key Themes:

  • ​Meet and greet your peers in the industry who are leading growth and product at Indian product-led companies scaling globally

  • ​Food, drinks, and 1:1 connects with others at the frontiers of PLG

​Network with the trailblazers and talk about SaaS, growth, product-led growth, and everything in between. πŸ”₯

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