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Before Community: An Orbit Learning Sprint

Hosted by Orbit, Erin Mikail Staples & Rosie Sherry
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Before Community: An Orbit Community Sprint

Join us for a free one-week community-driven sprint focusing on what to do before you build a community.

At the heart of communities are people, yet when we build communities we often start with anything but them.

In this one-week sprint, we will work together to help you think about the things you need to do before you build your community.

We will cover:

- Community Discovery - how to do meaningful community research

- Conversations: creating and starting conversations

- Your vision: how to use Community Discovery and Conversations to inform your goals

How will this sprint be delivered:

- we will be live daily at midday PT

- a private Discord channel for chat (join us on the Orbit Discord!)

- yes, recordings, only where relevant, will be made available

- this experience is best experienced through active participation

Heads up! This is a week-long cohort-type learning sprint. The first session will start on Monday October, 4th.

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