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We're very excited to bring back Pause Fest ONLINE. We've carefully curated seven FREE sessions with Pause Awards expert panel of judges, on topic specific talks. It starts on 28 Jul to 8 Sep, every Friday at midday for 45 min.

All sessions are LIVE online, and will include Q&A's. Signup for all or as many session as you like. Invite the team, grab a lunch and see you all there. The growth festival season is back on!

28 JUL at 12pm - Digital Marketing Trends and Data in 2023

Navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing in 2023, leveraging data-driven decisions across retailers, consumers, and tech for scalable experiences. Delve into the evolving landscape of B2B marketing, learn to harness business creativity, and stay ahead with emerging trends.

Gain insights, value, and learn:

  • Optimising data for business decisions

  • Balancing creativity and data in marketing

  • Understanding and implementing B2B marketing trends

4 AUG at 12pm - Top Growth Strategies for Startups

Discover the secrets of startup growth, unraveling crowd-sourced funding (CSF), mastering the art of storytelling, and understanding the fundraising landscape. Conquer challenges from transitioning beyond founder-centric strategies to optimizing B2B sales and handling corporate customers. Deep dive into building trust and scalability, while prioritising brand over growth hacks.

Learn to:

  • Effectively leverage growth hacks and network effects

  • Build trust and enable scalability

  • Increase prices without losing business

11 AUG at 12pm - How to Quantify an Idea?

Dive into the critical aspects of quantifying an idea, understanding when to persist or pivot, and navigating the startup innovation dilemma. Harness market feedback, balance user input with strategy, and comprehend the impact of the customer adoption lifecycle. Explore the difference between good and great in product design, early concept development, and cultivating creativity.

Gain insights to:

  • Navigate the innovation process effectively

  • Understand the customer adoption lifecycle

  • Differentiate between good and great design

18 AUG at 12pm - The Future of Connection

Explore the future of connection, where creativity meets digital innovation to enhance human experiences. Understand the 'Metaverse,' delve into 'Spatial Computing,' and uncover the potential of Generative AI. Learn how experiences shape brands, the essence of co-design, and the importance of integrating online and offline experiences.

Gain insights to:

  • Understand the impact of generative AI

  • Enhance brand through experiences

  • Effectively harness creativity in business

25 AUG at 12pm - Discover your Superpowers with Ai

Uncover the superpowers of AI in enriching experiences, fostering creativity, and supercharging design. Discover how AI influences integrated oral healthcare, reduces clinical variations, and innovative potential of GenAI. Embrace a design-led approach to AI adoption, reflect on the evolving responsibilities and opportunities for designers in an AI-driven landscape.

Gain insights to:

  • Harness the creative potential of Generative AI

  • Implement a design-led approach to AI adoption

  • Engage in the "Synthetic vs. Real" debate

1 SEP at 12pm - Building a Product with Design Thinking

Dive into the world of design thinking, acknowledging its challenges and leveraging its strengths to build exceptional products. Understand the multifaceted process of product development and harness the power of divergence and convergence. Learn from a startup veteran about growth strategies, growth pains, and intentional success planning. Discover strategies for effective partnerships and tips to excel in them.

Gain insights to:

  • Master the process of design thinking

  • Strategise growth for startups

  • Build effective and impactful partnerships

8 SEP at 12pm - Hire the Right People and Create a Culture

Discover how to recruit the right talent and cultivate a vibrant culture. Uncover why HR and People & Culture can be a creative powerhouse, and learn how to seize missed opportunities. Make a mark in frontline environments and adopt a 'People First' approach to build an inclusive brand. Understand brand purpose and how it extends beyond products and services. Get a grip on future healthcare trends and the changing venture markets.

Gain insights to:

  • Maximise the creative potential of HR

  • Adopt a 'People First' approach for an inclusive brand

  • Understand the future of healthcare and venture markets