Cover Image for BNB Chain DeFi panel at ETHRio
Cover Image for BNB Chain DeFi panel at ETHRio
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BNB Chain DeFi panel at ETHRio

Hosted by Martin Gutierrez
Past Event
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Are you a Web3 Builder or Developer? We are heading to Rio, let's get in touch!

Connect with us during ETHRio where BNB Chain will be at the DeFi panel to discuss ​the future of DeFi with some of the top DeFi experts in the Web3 ecosystem.

About the event

​Ethereum Rio is the main conference for ETH lovers in Brazil! This year we're broadening our vision and embracing the EVM Ecosystem.

​Brazil's CBDC is being built on an EVM and Ethereum is becoming a security layer, setting up the right environment for ETH Rio to become the point of discussion about Brazil's Tokenized Economy.

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Porto Maravalley
Av. Prof. Pereira Reis, 76 - Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20220-800, Brazil
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