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Builders Investor House

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About Event

Builders Investor House is back and better, taking on the Netherlands! This time, Builders is venturing out to Breda for an evening filled with interesting learnings, sharing insights, and mingling about AI over a beer (or three!).

✨ Join us for a night at CM

We're visiting, a renowned leader in the conversational commerce and cloud software industry. CM is passionately driving the future of customer interactions with innovative AI-powered solutions. Throughout the night, we will hear insights into their journey, highlighting both the challenges and successes they have encountered regarding their cutting-edge AI advancements they are developing to enhance customer experiences across various channels​.

🔥 Fireside chat: Raw and real

Join us for an authentic fireside chat with one of the key figures from CM. This session will delve deep into their entrepreneurial journey, uncovering the highs and lows, and sharing the untold stories behind their success. Expect unscripted, honest conversations that provide valuable insights into the world of conversational commerce and the strategies that have driven CM's growth.

💼 Interstellar Interactions: Matches made in heaven

The evening isn't just about listening—it's about engaging and creating connections. Participate in our dynamic "Interstellar Interactions" sessions, where you'll meet Builders' founders, representatives from CM, and potential investors. These focused interactions are designed to foster meaningful exchanges, share insights, and explore potential collaborations. The matchmaking is curated to ensure the most relevant and impactful connections​​.

🥂 Connect over drinks

As the evening winds down, Share your thoughts and feedback in our town hall session. Then, relax with a casual chat and enjoy some bites. It's the perfect ending to a stimulating night.

Exact date, TBC

Konijnenberg 24, 4825 BD Breda, Netherlands