MIDWEEK Jan. 27: Lillian Campbell | Holding your center by centering your core

Jan 28 (Thu), 12:30 AM - 1:30 AM UTC


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Quaker practice draws much from biblical tapestry concerning the dichotomy of light and dark, oceans of chaos and order, and in truth the simply entropy in manipulating the existence thrust upon/into us as vessels of light. Since our genesis, this practice of self-expanse to hold the rich nuances of our own ever-evolving relationship with spirituality, and deep commitment towards recognizing an ocean of equal proportion and light in others, has made us tremble to our core.

But what if there were a better way? Hi, my name is Lilly Campbell, and I will be leading a 30 minute body weight circuit to strengthen your core and sculpt that light! With over 6 years of experience leading workshops for Young Friends and JHYM which have been glowingly reviewed as "a food-processor of spiritual metaphors and body weight strength training tips," my goal is to give you the tools to not only tremble in the face of the awe-inspiring beauty of existence, but also the washboard abs sure to adorn your inner light after this 30 minute session.

Participants of all levels are encouraged to come and no equipment is necessary other than some space on the floor. This will include activities such as pushups, crunches, wall sits, and planks. Modifications for different abilities will be provided.

Lilly Campbell is a Young Adult Friend at New England Yearly Meeting and has most recently attended Northampton Friends Meeting. In her infinite free time she enjoys gardening, mountain biking, reading science fiction, and staffing retreats with JHYM.

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