Cover Image for Appchain Day 2024
Cover Image for Appchain Day 2024

Appchain Day 2024

Hosted by Brian Breslow, Trevor Ogata & Jeff
Past Event
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About Event

Discover the latest in app-specific blockchains and sovereign dApps at Appchain Day, presented by DoraHacks.

This exclusive, one-day event will have a unique blend of showcases spotlighting the most innovative teams building on the frontier of appchain development and the very best venture capitalists, investors, and builders in the space.

Join us for a day of discovery and meaningful connections!

Mainstage Schedule

9:00 am : Check-in Begins / Breakfast Opens

9:20 am : Opening Remarks and Keynote by DoraHacks

9:40 am : Panel Discussion: Comparison of AppChain Frameworks
- Founder — Aether
- Noah Pravecek, Founder — Nodekit
- Larry Wu, CTO — Cube Exchange
- Lior Bondarevsky, Core Blockchain Developer — Fhenix

10:10 am : "Smart Accounts: A Native Approach to Account Abstraction" - Keynote Presentation by Sunny Aggarwal, founder of Osmosis

10:30 am : "Customization, Curation and Specialization; Building Apps With Modular Infrastructure" - Keynote Presentation by Mads Mathiesen, researcher at Maven11

10:50 am : Panel Discussion: L1s vs Appchains
- Smokey the Bera, Co-founder — Berachain
- Griffin Anderson, CEO — Phi Labs and contributor to Archway
- Fabian Riewe, Co-founder — Kyve
- Sun Raghupathi, CEO — Seven Seas and contributor to Sommelier

11:20 am : "Transition to the dYdX Chain. Architecture and Future Roadmap" - Keynote Presentation by Paul Erlanger, BD Lead at dYdX

11:40 am : "RWAs in Cosmos" - Keynote Presentation by Jelena Djuric, Founder of Noble

12:00 pm : Lunch Opens

12:30 pm : Panel Discussion: Appchain Investment Landscape
- Dan Elitzer, Co-founder — Nascent
- Alex Golding, Investor — Delphi Digital
- Marek Sandrik, Investor — RockawayX
- Nicola Santoni, Investor — Lemniscap
- Ali Sheikh, Principal — Reciprocal Ventures

01:00 pm : "Decrypting Nolus" - Keynote Presentation by Bilyana Christov, Co-founder of Nolus

01:20 pm : Panel Discussion: Shared Settlement Layers for Appchains
- Cooper Scanlon, Co-founder — Movement Labs
- Zon, Co-founder — Initia
- Austin King, Co-founder — Omni Network
- Anil Kumar, Co-founder — Rome Protocol

01:50 pm : Panel Discussion: Native Swapping for Appchains
- Chad Barraford, Lead Developer — Thorchain
- Fig, Co-founder — Squid
- Vaibhav Chellani, Founder — Socket
- Shane Qiu, Founder — Side Protocol

02:20 pm : "Building planetary-scale apps with Interplanetary Consensus and Filecoin" - Keynote Presentation by Juan Benet, CEO at Protocol Labs

02:40 pm : "Appchains vs Rollups: A Battle of Terminology" - Keynote Presentation by Yaz Khoury, DevRel at Celestia

03:00 pm : Panel Discussion: All Roads Lead to Appchains
- Marc Tillement, Director Pyth Data Association
- Eric Chen, Founder — Injective
- Nikhil Suri, Product — Wormhole Foundation
- Chudnov Glavniy, Chief Structured Product Engineer — Aevo

03:30 pm : Panel Discussion: IBC Expansion for Appchains
- Muto, Co-founder of Ethos Stake
- Dean Tribble, CEO at Agoric
- Karel Kubat, CEO at Union
- Robin Bisschop, Co-founder of Abstract Money

04:00 pm : "Build Your Own Blockchain" - Keynote Presentation by Usman Asim, DevRel at Ava Labs

04:20 pm : Dora Vota Tech Talk by Steve Ngok, Core Contributor at Dora Factory

04:40 pm : "The Modular Rollup Era: Fraxtal and Innovating the Appchain Stack" - Keynote Presentation by Sam Kazemian, Founder of Frax

05:00 pm : Closing remarks by DoraHacks

Workshop Schedule:

09:40 am : Confio - "Demystifying CosmWasm Smart Contract Debugging: Elevate your Development Experience with the Enchanting Tracing”

10:30 am : Protocol Labs - "Supercharge dApp performance with Interplanetary Consensus"

11:20 am : Creds - "From Code to Credibility: Decoding Trust, Growing Community, Building Reputation"

12:30 pm : Certik - "Securing App Chains: A Journey with Vulnerability Discovery, Reporting, and Patch Adoption"

01:10 pm : Andromeda - "A Slightly Technical Introduction to aOS"

02:00 pm: FairBlock - "Building a mev resistant auction with Fairblock"

03:00 pm: Hyperlane - "Building With Modular Security Legos"

03:50pm: Eigenlayer - "Beyond Staking - A vibrant new ecosystem for builders"

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Akash, Dora Factory, Certik, Nolus, Bixin Ventures, CyantArb, Zetachain, and No Limit Holdings

Contact: @AppchainDay (twitter) for sponsor opportunities

About DoraHacks
DoraHacks is a global hacker movement and the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform. More than 7,000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $50 million in grants and hackathon prizes. has over 100,000 monthly active users worldwide. The platform offers hackathons, bounties, quadratic funding, privacy voting, and other community governance/funding toolkits. In addition, over 100 major Web3 ecosystems are currently using Dora infrastructures to fund their open-source communities.

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Dora Ventures believes in building and funding the frontier of technology in web3 and beyond. Dora Ventures recently completed the successful closing of Dora Ventures is a pre seed fund dedicated to crucial Appchain infrastructures.

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