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Antler AMA: Why and How Women Build VC-Backed Business?

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Antler, the world’s day zero investor, is calling aspiring and experienced founders and industry friends to join an Ask-Me-Anything dedicated to unveiling women founders’ journeys in establishing a VC-backed business.

Founders who identify as women often outperform yet are still under-represented among venture-backed entrepreneurs. As a day zero investor, Antler's mission is to shape a more gender-diverse top-of-funnel for later-stage VCs and shift the gender mix across the startup ecosystem.

Across 25 locations globally, Antler backs and invests in founders building defining companies of tomorrow. From a portfolio of >800 companies, 32% of our companies have a woman at the helm.

On Wednesday, November 29, hear the founder journey of Alexis Aaron, co-founder of an Antler-backed company, Sortd. Sortd was backed by Antler in 2022 and has secured more than $ 1 million in additional pre-seed funding. She will be joined by Antler’s Community Manager, Rani Heraputeri (ex-She Loves Tech), who will speak on Antler’s track record of investing in women. 

Join us and come with your burning questions! 

5:00pm - Welcome and presentation from Antler 
5:10pm - Chat with Alexis Aaron, Co-Founder of Sortd
5.45pm - Q&A session 
6:00pm - End  

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