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Antler AMA: Why is a Day Zero Investor Your Best Bet?

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Antler, the world’s day zero investor, is calling aspiring and experienced founders and industry friends to join an AMA focused on why you should build with the VC.

There are many ways to build and fund a company, of which Antler is one. On Wednesday, November 15, join Antler Australia’s partner, James McClure, and Ash Ramachandran, co-founder of Sapyen, an Antler-backed, at-home male fertility diagnostic company built for 200 million aspiring fathers around the globe. 

Antler backs the world’s most driven founders from day zero to greatness. We help founders build the defining companies of tomorrow by investing in exceptional people. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about the how and why! 

5:00pm - Welcome and presentation from Antler 
5:10pm - Chat with Ash Ramachandran of Sapyen
5.45pm - Q&A session 
6:00pm - End  

About Antler
Antler is an early-stage VC that enables and invests in exceptional people building the defining companies of tomorrow. It supports founders as long-term investors by providing a clear pathway to capital, a global footprint to scale, and access to the world’s fastest-growing network of early-stage entrepreneurs. Click here for more information about Antler, our platform, or how to apply.