Learn how to Build an Effective Email Campaign

Sat, Oct 16, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM UTC


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Explore what learners at AntWak have been raving about - AntWak Master's Program in Digital Marketing - before you buy your next online course !!

Our Live sessions present a perfect opportunity for budding professionals to meet industry experts and learn from their experiences. Our experts don’t stop at theories but provide hands-on training of tools in real-time. No pre-recorded stuff, we promise!

Did we mention, these are experts from Global brands like Google, IBM, Disney Hotstar, Amazon, and 500+ more such reputed companies with decades of experience. They have been there and done that !!

Plus an opportunity to connect and build networks with 100's of similar growth-minded professionals in the AntWak community as you build your career.

So, experience the AntWak magic by joining this ‘Live Session' for free.

In this session you will learn:

  • Learn the Goals of Email Marketing

  • Build & segment your Email List

  • Execute Drip Email Campaigns

  • Email strategies for inactive users

  • Analyze & Optimize your Email Marketing campaigns

About Charit Anchan:

  • Charit is a passionate, cross-functional, creative, and results-driven Digital Marketing Professional. He has close to 6 years of experience in developing multi-channel communication strategies through Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

  • He believes that Data should drive Decisions, but with fresh Creativity to support it – all with the goal of aggressively Growing the Business / Idea.

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Keep learning and growing!

About Antwak

Antwak offers LIVE courses powered by the industry’s top professionals. Antwak enables early professionals to get trained on in-demand skills and accelerate their careers in digital-first domains at a fraction of the costs of available alternatives.

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