A review around current Identity and Access Management Landscape



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Identity and Access Management professional covers a range of important duties and requires a combination of education and experience to address the unique needs of businesses in a variety of industries. They incorporate a wide range of duties to provide optimal security through proper access control.

Here is all about it, from the definition to the trends and how to get into this profession.

In this session you will learn:

1) Introduction to identity and access management

2) Fundamentals of identity management

3) Fundamentals of access management

4) Current IAM landscape

About: Bishwajeet Chakraborty

With 6+ years of experience and currently working as a full-stack developer in the Cybersecurity domain, my expertise lies in identity and access management technologies. I have rich experience in IDAM tools such as OAM, OIM, OAAM, OID, OUD, OVD, and SailPoint IIQ, ForgeRock OpenIDM & OpenAM.
I am an Oracle-certified professional with Microsoft certification for HTML5+CSS3 and CyberArk Partner Certification for PIM & PAM, Saviynt IGA Level 100. I have received various awards from Accenture & Infosys respectively for performance.

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