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1:1 session with Akinwale Muse

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Akinwale is a great person to talk with about:

  • Valuation

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

  • Pitch Deck Feedback

About Akinwale Muse

Akinwale has over 15 years experience in marketing, consumer intelligence and brand consulting. He is a Co-Founder and Brand Evolution Director at The Hook, one of the the fastest growing independent marketing groups in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In his role as a Brand Evolution Director, he advises private companies and government agencies on brand and business development, policy design, perception management and community building.

He is an active angel investor and venture builder. He is a Founding Partner at Founders' Box, an angel community for founders building market creating solutions in digital infrastructure, commerce and education across Africa.

A lifelong learner and teacher, he enjoys intellectual banter and would go any length to extract information on any topic of interest. He loves watching football, solo walking and a Friday night hangout.

Specialities: Go-To-Market Strategy, Brand Positioning Strategy, Consumer Intelligence, Product and Service Design.