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Hosted by AW Research & ARPA Network
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​🌐 About the event 🌐

Hosted by AW Research & ARPA Network

This informal gathering is hosted by AW Research & ARPA for creators and enthusiasts of the autonomous worlds and on-chain games.

This is an opportunity to gain firsthand insights into fully on chain games, extended AW narratives, and the creators behind them.

Food and drinks and networking with fellow attendees will be provided. 🥃 🥐 Come join us for an immersive autonomous worlds experience!

🎙️ Event Schedule 🎙️

🔷Rhascau tournament + PreNetworking + Lunch

11:00am- 12:10pm
Length: 60 mins

🔷 Opening Speech

12:20am- 12:30pm

Henri From Starknet Foundation

🔷Fireside chats

12:30pm - 1:10pm

Kooshaba From Mud/ Sky Strife
Loaf From Dojo/ LootRealms

Moderator: Norswap

🔷Panel Discussion 1 - FOCG in AW

1:15pm - 2:00pm
Sylve From BriqNFT
Matt Van From PirateNation
David amor From Playmint
Ruslan Varets From Mithraeum
ronan.eth From Etherplay
Morris Hsieh From Primodium
Syora From PixeLAW

Moderator: Damian From CheDAO

Length: 60 mins

Demo show 1 - LootSurvivor
Speaker: Loaf

Demo show 2 - Dope War, Roll Your Own
Speaker: Clicksave

Demo show 3 - Primodium
Speaker: Morris Hsieh

Demo show 4 - ARPA Network: Randcast, on-chain RNG for Autonomous Worlds
Speaker: Jason Zhao

🔷Panel Discussion 2 - Quest Items: Tooling & Infra

3:00pm - 3:40pm
yijia from Curio
Will Robinson From Alliance
Baz From Tonk
Lana From Madara
piapark.eth From Herodotus
Yi Sun From Axiom
Luke From Web3MQ

Moderator: Norswap From 0xFable

Length: 60 mins

Demo show 5 - Tarochi Game
Speaker:Sebastien Guillemot

Demo show 6- CheDAO
Speaker: Damian

Demo show 7- Mithraeum
Speaker: Ruslan Varets

🔷Panel Discussion 3 - WorldBuilding

4:40 - 5:20pm

Peter / ‘pet3rpan’ From 1kx
Damian From CheDAO
Clicksave From cartridge & DopeWar
Loaf From Dojo/ LootRealms
Rob Morris From Underworlds (for adventurers)
Raulonastool From Banners (for Adventurers)
Oliver From dmstfctn

Moderator: Taylor Zhang From MaskNetwork
Length: 60 mins

Demo show 8- ZKP Smart Wallet (Empowering Privacy and Scalability in FOCG with ZKP Smart Wallet-as-a-Service)
Speaker: Ethan Franci

🔷Panel Discussion 4 - AW Ventures

5:30- 6:10
Peter / ‘pet3rpan’ From 1kx
Nico Vereecke From BitKraft
Will Robinson From Alliance
Martin From RockawayX
Louis From SevenX
Taylor Zhang From MaskNetwork
Minion From GBV Capital

Moderator: Yemu From ARPA Network
Length: 60 mins