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AI x Disinformation

Hosted by BOOM, HR Venkatesh & Sahana Udupa | prof @ LMU Munich
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The University of Munich and BOOM Live, India have put together a half-day conference on AI and Disinformation. The event will feature three conversations and will be attended by researchers, misinformation experts, legal scholars, policy folks, political consultants and people from the technology industry.


Panel: Threat and Promise of AI

Has AI amplified disinformation? What opportunities does it offer to counter disinformation and extreme speech? How do we envision “AI for Good” for disinformation research and activism? 

Moderated by Professor Sahana Udupa, LMU Munich

Panel: AI and Extreme Speech

How can AI-assisted models help in detecting and moderating online extreme speech? What policy frameworks are needed? What are the emerging concerns around corporate accountability?

Moderated by Govindraj Ethiraj, Founder and Editor, BOOM

Panel: AI and Digital Propaganda

How is AI deployed in election campaigns? What is the role of political consultants and digital strategists?

Moderated by HR Venkatesh, Director - Training, BOOM


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