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Cover Image for AI on the Lot 2024
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β€‹πŸš¨ IMPORTANT: Thank you for your interest in attending AI on the Lot! This year's event is SOLD OUT. Ticket QR codes will be required for entry into the building.

​Join us at AI on the Lot on May 16th, the premier summit where Hollywood's creative minds meet the innovators of AI technology. This event is set to revolutionize how we think about filmmaking and storytelling and demystify Gen AI filmmaking as not just button-pushing but a legitimate production process.

​We are excited to have Dell, NVIDIA, Adobe, Synapse VP, Cooley, showrunners, and a ton of industry thought leaders speaking on topics such as navigating the strategic, legal, and technical frameworks necessary for implementing generative processes within your organization, what AI can and can’t write, Simulation and AI Agents, Virtual Production, and Reaching Targeted and customized Audiences with AI.

​Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the future of film and television, where independent filmmakers, studio executives, and AI tech leaders come together to redefine the boundaries of creativity and technology.


​Notable speakers scheduled to speak include:

  • ​Renard Jenkins, President & CEO at I2A2 Technologies

  • ​Kathryn Brillhart, Virtual Production Supervisor (Fallout, Rebel Moon)

  • ​Chris Chynoweth - Senior Associate, Cooley

  • ​Justin Diener, CEO of Synapse Virtual Production

  • ​Dana Harris-Bridson, Senior Vice President and Editor in Chief at IndieWire

  • ​James Myrick, BENlabs

  • ​Joanna Popper, media exec at XYZ.

  • ​Morgan Prygrocki - Sr. Strategic Development Manager, Adobe

  • ​Katja Reitemeyer - Director, Data Science & AI, M&E, NVIDIA

  • ​Edward Saatchi, CEO of Simulation AI (South Park Showrunner AI viral research demo)

  • ​Greg Shiff - Principal Solutions Architect, Media & Entertainment, Dell

  • ​David Slade, Director (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch)

  • ​Ed Ulbrich, Chief Content Officer at

  • ​Nick Venezia, Founder of

  • ​Andrew Wallenstein, Chief Media Analyst & President, Variety Intelligence Platform

  • ​Parth Patil, AI Specialist at Office of Reid Hoffman

​Early Bird tickets sold out within 24hrs! Get your Tier 1 tickets while they last...

​Hosted by AI LA

​Supported by LA Center Studios, Synapse VP, Dell, NVIDIA, Adobe, Cooley, JustWorks, Otoy, Paramount Global Technology,, Late Arrivals, and Echobend.

​We will be recording all of the sessions, but no live stream.

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​πŸ”₯ Pre-event on May 15th: Product Pipeline Fit: How Startups Can Scale in Hollywood πŸ”₯

451 S Beaudry Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA
LA Center Studios, but we are using the 451 s Beaudry ave entrance.
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