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Virtual AI Jam Session

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Welcome to the first virtual AI Jam Session. We are experimenting with a new type of virtual competition, dare I say create-AI-thon...

We welcome AI enthusiasts and artists to collaborate, using generative AI platforms to imagine and create digital art.

This is our first AI Jam Session — we want participants to dream big and visualize the future you desire. If you can't visualize it, you can't create it!

But before we look into the future, I want us first to look back. What’s a childhood memory that resonates with you? 

What’s the first memory that comes to mind from when you were a child? Now close your eyes and sit with that memory. What are the sights, smells, sounds, & feelings? Now take that and go express yourself using whatever creative tools you like.  

Utilize AI tools like midjourney, dalle, chatgpt, Pika Labs, RunwayML, ElevenLabs, et al. to create an expression of a childhood memory. This could be a still image, an animated image, short film, song, poem, or any creative expression that helps showcase the feelings from that memory. 

Please download the FYI.AI in the App Store...


  1. Download FYI

  2. Create Project

  3. App support via @FYI.AI

  4. When you are finished with your project tap edit, make public, copy link or QR code

  5. Email link BY 10/27 12am PT to Subject: AI JAM SESSION 1


  1. Originality - did you stick to the theme of childhood memory?

  2. Use of AI

  3. Showcasing your process and workflow

Email for all inquiries.