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AI Forge Incubator: Investor Dinner 🍽️

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β€‹βœ¨ AI Forge London is delighted to extend an invitation to our investor dinner, featuring our exciting First Cohort of Start ups! ✨

β€‹πŸ· Join us in the heart of London on Tuesday, November 21st, at 5:30 pm, for an invitation-only "Investor Dinner," showcasing innovative companies from AI Forge.🍷

​1. Convey Guru πŸ“¬ Aibek Sarimbekov & Daulet Akizhanov

  • ​AI assistant to support legal professionals with time-consuming tasks of responding to clients' inquiries.

​2. EKAI πŸ€– Priya Misra

  • ​AI solutions to ensure compliance, prevent fines and protect reputational risk.

​3. βœ’οΈ Ricardo Rodriguez & Abi Chatterjee

  • ​Instant NLP doc updates from one hub. Thousands of hours saved. Compliance assured.

​4. PropX 🏠 Guelane Mansour

  • ​Bridging off-plan real estate sales and international buyers with curated listings and actionable insights.

​5. HIT Coach πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Ismail Baran

  • ​Elevating Combat Sports Training and fight analysis with AI.

​6. Hybrid Credit πŸ’³ Damiloju Morenikeji & Olamide Abolarinwa

  • ​Empowering immigrants with credit through ML analysis of their foreign financial history.

​7. MATRX πŸ–₯️ Natasha Parcell

  • ​Enhancing mortgage pricing and product management for UK lenders.

​8. Omnia Biosystems πŸ”¬ Tendayi Samuriwo

  • ​Improving bio-marker management in oncology clinical trials.

​9. Presales AIπŸ“ˆ Ted Haile

  • ​Bespoke content and competitive analysis for each sales opportunity; close deals up to 3x faster.

​10. Roma πŸ—£οΈ Cassio Mollmann Dal Cortivo

  • ​A conversational AI-powered app, designed to revolutionise English language learning.

​11. Scrupulous AI πŸ₯ Chris Bodimeade

  • ​Machine learning tool to streamline documentation in medicine. Scrupulous AI saves time, so doctors can save lives.

​12. Neutrally πŸ”¬ Paul Hemings & Cara Ceppetelli & Jaie Genadt

  • ​Revolutionizing the diabetes spectrum with wearable bio-sensors and personalised AI for family health.

​​​Explore and discover the AI Unicorns of tomorrow over a delicious dinner!

12 founders will describe how their AI businesses are disrupting traditional industries.🀝🌱