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Designworks LA, AI LA, and CoMotion are collaborating on a series of high-level discussions about how AI can amplify the role of the creative. Come join us for an evening of insight and inspiration!  

🎙️ Panel Discussion: Director of Creative Consulting at Designworks LA, Paul Ferraiolo, will lead a conversation featuring a lineup of creative minds. Together, they will traverse the expansive landscape of how AI is not only redefining our conception of creativity but also making unprecedented strides in a myriad of sectors, notably automotive and transportation. Gain insights into the transformative role of creators as they navigate the ever-evolving terrain of a post-generative AI world.  


Michael Fullman | Chief Creative Officer, VTProDesign

Claire Evans | Writer & Musician (interview about using AI to write music)

Hassan Ragab | Visual Artist & Computational Designer (His IG)

​Stay tuned for the upcoming workshop in October, led by CoMotion LA, which will delve deeper into the revolution AI brings to the future of mobility.

​🔍 Event Details:

​We’re thrilled to be exhibiting interactive AI entertainment pop-ups around the studio for guests to check out and explore new worlds, presented by VTProDesign, AE Studio and Designworks LA.

​🍹 Enjoy complimentary drinks and food as you engage with fellow attendees and panelists.

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​Let's unlock the limitless possibilities that AI brings to the creative realm, together.