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AI and the Creator Economy

Hosted by AI LA
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In partnership with FYI and Underscore Talent, we are excited to host an event on how AI is reshaping expression, content, and entrepreneurship in the Creator Economy. With AI tools in play, creators are unlocking new potentials and reimagining their role in the digital landscape.

Dive into two captivating discussions exploring the dynamic interplay between AI and the Creator Economy. Join a unique blend of creators, tech pioneers, and AI aficionados as we unpack the transformative impact of merging creativity with advanced technology.

You'll gain actionable insights to supercharge your creativity and scale your business!

PANEL 1: Creator Tools and Scaling Your Business

Moderator: Ben Relles, Content Strategy, Office of Reid Hoffman


Shelby Ward, Co-Founder, Curious Refuge 
Spencer Sterling, ML Technical Artist, Runway
Conrad Curtis, Co-Founder, Virtual Production Partners
Faith 'Aya' Umoh, Founder & AI Artist @ Creative Aya


Poppy x Vince Lynch + special guests


6-7 Networking
7-8 Creator Tools and Scaling Your Business
8:10-9:15 The Future of the Creator Economy
9:15-10pm Networking + Poppy Album Listening Party

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