Cover Image for Elevate Your Startup: Powering Ideas with AI
Cover Image for Elevate Your Startup: Powering Ideas with AI
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Elevate Your Startup: Powering Ideas with AI

Hosted by Adrian Glinqvist
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About Event

Welcome to join Elevate your Startup: Powering Ideas with AI

In this workshop, we will explore what Generative AI is and how you can leverage it as a startup founder to create, validate, and develop your ideas into a viable startup. The aim is to:

  • Empower you to understand what is possible and how to use AI as a co-pilot on your entrepreneurial journey,

  • Identify use-cases and see how other companies use AI today, and

  • Find new AI-powered tools to assist you.

AI has already begun to revolutionize many aspects of work life, and with the speed of the latest AI development, I believe that the majority of us will start to benefit even more from this technology in both our personal and professional life 🌍. From generating unique images 🖼️ to creating engaging presentations 📊, AI tools are paving new paths for creativity and innovation.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming various facets of our work life. With the accelerating pace of recent AI advancements, it is becoming increasingly clear that most of us will soon reap significant benefits from this technology in both our personal and professional spheres 🌍. AI is not just automating tasks 🤖 ; it's enhancing creativity and innovation 🧑🏻‍🎨. From crafting unique images 🖼️ to designing compelling presentations 📊, AI tools are forging new avenues for creative expression and innovative problem-solving.

We will go from theory to practice in just 2 hours, exploring practical ways to work with ChatGPT and other major language models like Google Gemini and Perplexity. You will receive numerous suggestions and tips on other tools you can use depending on your current challenges.


The topics we will cover are:

  1. What is GenAI? What’s the current state of GenAI Capabilities?

  2. How to use and interact with different AI Tools? A brief Prompting guideline

  3. What roles/tasks can you delegate to AI in your startup? What challeges might you encounter when using diffrent AI tools?

  4. Different use -cases for AI, in companies and startups

  5. AI powered tools to try out for different areas

  6. Q&A

Workshop Presenter

The Workshop Presenter Adrian Glinqvist is a AI business developer at LeanAI, and Business coach at Drivhuset Stockholm.

Join us for a day of creativity and connect with fellow startup owners who are on the same journey of exploration and growth. Register now and let’s explore new ideas together. Spaces are limited and filling up quickly.

This event is in collaboration with Starta eget Stockholm by Stockholm Stad and Drivhuset Stockholm.

Venue: Tekniska nämndhuset, Fleminggatan 4, Stockholm.

We will meet at the entrance to the Technical Committee Building, at 17:30.

The event will be held in English.

It is free to participate. If you register but are unable to attend, we ask that you cancel your spot in time so that we can avoid food waste.

See you there!

Fleminggatan 4
112 26 Stockholm, Sweden
170 Going