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Nov 14 (Sun), 8:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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  • Have you considered Santa Claus is God-with-training-wheels?

  • Want to learn the 5-faith-stages and the 6-components of a spiritualigious life?

  • Do you get uncomfortable when someone asks if you believe in God (and you do), but you are pretty certain their conception of the divine isn't the same as yours?

Questions, learning, laughter, and fun as Rabbi Brian helps you learn to take the G-O-D-word from something breakable to approachable.

Interactive. (To your level of comfortable.)
And, fun.


Donations requested.


Rabbi Brian is the founder of Religion-Outside-The-Box, an internet based ministry liberating netizens from restrictive theology to self-empowered spiritualigious authority.

His "My Fun Theology Workbook" and "Godsperiments Course" are available on ETSY.

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