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A³ Summit - Accelerate Web3 Adoption in Asia

Hosted by Mike & 3 others
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  1. Meet the teams of former C-level managers from Ant Group and Alibaba.

  2. Learn the latest Web3 landscape within Web2 tech giants.


A³ Summit brings together movers and shakers from Web2 and Web3:

  1. Emerging forces in Web3, equipped with top-tier Web2 technology and resources (including Web3 teams within Web2 tech giants, Web3 startups founded by former C-level managers, sharp entrepreneurial minds, and incubators), will share their visions and projects, and discuss how Web2 technologies and resources can drive growth and mass adoption in Web3.

  2. Global VCs are invited to facilitate the merging of this rising force from Asia with the global network of projects and investors.


Session 1: Web2 → Web3

​​14:30-14:45 Bridging or Rebuilding? A Zan's view; Zhang Hui (ZAN CEO)

​​14:45-15:00 Journey towards web3 mass adoption; Jerry (Artela CEO)

​​15:00-15:30 Panel: Navigating the Shift from Web2 to Web3 ( ZAN, GSR, Artela, Shima Capital, HashKey Capital )

​​15:30-15:45 Coffee break

​​Session 2: Innovation → Mass Adoption

​​15:45-16:00 Know Your Account, Track Your Web3 Journey; Peet (Trusta Labs CEO)

​​16:00-16:15 Beyond Headlines: Catalysts of Web3 Adoption from Industry Insights; Rachel (SynFutures CEO)

​​16:15-16:45 Panel: Breakthroughs and Bottlenecks of Web2 apps Entering Web3 ( Web3Port, Ant Group, C Capital, Republic, Polygon, Gitcoin, Celestia )

​​16:45-18:00 Open communication & networking​

About A³

A³ DAO is a Web3 community initiated by ZAN, Artela, and Trusta Labs. As a technology brand of AntChain, ZAN provides versatile products and services in the Web3 domain. Both Artela and Trusta originated from AntChain's R&D team.

A³ DAO is dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive technology community, as well as a collaborative incubation platform that connects web2 and web3, bridging Asia with the global community. Drawing upon the background of Ant Group, Alibaba, and strong ties within the Asian developer community, A³ DAO is committed to accelerating the transition of web2 developers to web3. This includes assisting in technical design, business models, community development, fundraising, and more.


  1. ZAN: A technology brand powered by AntChain Open Labs for compliant Web3 products and services, providing the most reliable Web3 technology services and a development platform for Web3 endeavors. ZAN product family includes ZAN eKYC, ZAN KYT, ZAN Smart Contract Review, ZAN Node Service, with more products being on the way.

  2. Artela: Artela is an extensible blockchain network enabling developers to build feature-rich dApps.

  3. Trusta Lab: Trusta Labs builds Web3 security and data infrastructure, offering the MEDIA Score protocol for on-chain value assessment.

  4. SynFutures : SynFutures is a next-generation Web 3.0 decentralized derivatives infrastructure that creates an open and trustless derivatives market by enabling trading on anything with a price feed anytime.

  5. Web3Port: Web3Port is the world's first matchmaking protocol, capturing, tracking, filtering, and matchmaking Web3 startups and contributors to accelerate their innovation.

  6. Hashkey Capital: HashKey Capital is a digital asset and blockchain leader helping institutions, founders and talents advance the blockchain industry and find adoption anywhere.

  7. Alibaba Cloud: Alibaba Cloud is Asia Pacific’s largest cloud services provider. It offers a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to customers worldwide.


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